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Site Update

We wanted to thank everyone who's checking out Funny or Die and let you know where we're at with the site.

First off, thanks to users like Almost Twins, Handsome Donkey (thanks for the muffins), Rich Fancher, Joey and David, Lisa Nova (Ferrell is scared and flattered), Road Hag, and The Commodore. Also thanks for featured submissions from Zach Galifianakis, Nick Thune and Rueben Fleischer, Human Giant (That office sketch is hilarious), Orny Adams, Tamara Bick, Lauren Pomerantz, Drew Antzis, and of course Perry Hilton.

We also thank the Crypt for weeding out the really unfunny stuff. As for the site, obviously it aint perfect. But we're working on it everyday.

Some changes that we're making include: a Staff favorite's page where Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Chris Henchy and the occasional guest post their favorite videos. Also we're increasing the number of votes necessary to reach Immortal status to fifty thousand. We felt like if a video gets to Immortal it should really kick ass. And we're removing videos that have been voted into the crypt from the videos that come up after you vote Funny or Die.

We're also going to continue to bring out new featured material on a weekly and then eventually, daily basis. New videos coming up include another one from Will, Brooke Shields, The Foot Fist Way guys, Ed Helms, Patton Oswalt, and lots of other people who want to try stuff they can't do on TV or in movies. And in five weeks we'll premeire the new Pearl video where she plays a drug addicted go go dancer. Just kidding AFA and You'll have to wait to see what she's up to next.

-Adam McKay, Will Ferrell and Chris Henchy

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