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More site changes.

Hello again. So there's some changes that have been made to the site. Plus we have some new pieces up. And we busted some people trying to play FOD (Funny or Die) like suckers.

First up, we've added time period designations to the Users' section so you can see what the highest rated submitted videos are for the day, week, month and all time. I know that's hardly the breakthrough of the century but it's a step towards giving more front page space to your videos while still giving props to the shorts that have stood the test of time.

But the site will really get good when we add Channels like “Quick jokes” “Political Humor” “Music” and a lot more. Then you will be able to lock on quicker to what you like.

But remember to vote on videos and forward the ones you like. The more people that vote the better ratings are and the funnier the site gets and the more people see your shorts.

We've also got some new pieces this week. Specifically one from Ed Helms called Zombie American that will run for three weeks with a different chapter every week. It's funny as hell.

Also there's another Will Ferrell piece up. We're not even pretending it's as funny as Pearl but the idea of the site was to try different kinds of jokes so we put it up. We still think it's funny and a cool piece, just not Pearl getting her drink on funny.

Check out Jamie Kennedy's clip from his movie Hecklers. It's funny and Kennedy is cool for putting it up given how hard these Hecklers rip him.

Tony Millionaire gave us an advanced look at his new animated show for Adult Swim. It's funny, dark and beautifully drawn the way all Millionaire's stuff is.

Coming soon is the Perry Hilton sex tape with a special guest star. A short from the makers of Foot Fist Way, the funniest movie you've never seen and new guest reviewers every other week.

We can't wait to get up our forums so we can start hearing how much we suck and don't suck in addition to your thoughts on movies, TVs, local comedy scenes and production advice.

And on the crime beat, The Ska Brothers were apparently getting fake votes to get into the Immortal section. Someone created a program specifiically designed to generate bogus votes. Pretty crafty. But we caught them and now they are being forced to watch the TV show Small Wonder for a week straight as punishment.

-Ferrell, McKay, and Henchy

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