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I’m new here.

Hey Ted. (Don ‘t blame me, Adam named you Ted ‘ see the post below.)

There ‘s a lot of exciting stuff going on with Funny or Die. First of all, the Funny Or Die team is finally in place! It is myself, Amy. I spend 80% of my time working on FOD and 20% of my time crying. I ‘m also a midwife. Also on the team are Lauren, who is lovely, and Jake, who is basically trouble disguised in an adorable package. The whole staff including, Will, Adam and Chris, as well as guest Paul Scheer of MTV ‘s “Human Giant,” have new staff picks up.

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon for his hilarious “Lonelygrrl” parody sketch and to Judd Apatow who gave us a sneak peak look behind-the-scenes at his new movie, “Knocked Up.” If you haven ‘t already, make sure you check those out. Also on Sunday we ‘ll be posting a new video starring Jenna Elfman. Let ‘s just say she is a good sport ‘ literally.

Of course, keep submitting your videos and keep voting. In your hands lies the power to make videos immortal or banish them to the crypt. Don ‘t take your duties lightly.

Also, if any of you are up for it, I need to borrow $1000. My friend and I want to go on a cruise. No joke.


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