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As usual, lots to tell you. Jake and Lauren are getting really good at Guitar Hero (Lauren is significantly better than Jake), and I am thinking about going to rehab again. Why not, right? Also, we have a new member of the Funny Or Die team, Bryan. He has been with us for a week and has already tried to quit 16 times. But other than that we ‘re glad to have him.

You may have also noticed that the site is going through some growing pains. That ‘s because we ‘re in the process of launching a new version of the site. So prepare to have your minds blown. To be totally honest, the new site will look so much like our old one that you may not even notice a difference. However, in the next few months you ‘ll see lots of new features.

Also, you can relax because we have only temporarily dropped the ‘community ‘ and ‘groups ‘ tabs. They ‘re not gone forever. We promise. Other than that, just remember that you need to send your dad a Father ‘s Day card and you need to check out our dad-themed videos, including one from the Canadian hotness that is ‘picnicface. ‘ Their video is aptly titled Father's Day. And, like you, it ‘s awesome.


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