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One in a Million

Hey all ‘ Hope you had a good week. My week? Oh, it was awesome, thanks for asking. I got to hang out with Lil ‘ Jon, who shot something for the site that will be going up soon. He ‘s the coolest and his video is going to be amazing.

Also, Good Cop, Baby Cop launched on Monday and is fast approaching a million views. It may have passed a million already for all I know. I can ‘t keep up. And yes, for those of you wondering, Pearl is officially retired. She ‘s at a resort hotel in Cabo right now lighting $100 bills on fire for fun.

If you get a chance, check out Judd Apatow ‘s new video from ‘Knocked Up ‘ and the exclusive video we have of Perry Hilton being arrested. Perry is straight up Hollywood trash and I think he is going to go jail for a long time. Or for a couple of days, only to be let out and sent back in again. Hard to say.

Just so you know, I no longer sleep ‘ I spend what-should-be-sleep-time reading user comments. So, for those of you who have been posting comments about IMMORTAL video status being confusing and unfair: I hear you, I feel you and I understand you. You ‘re right, and we are working now on creating a new category that should eliminate the problems. It should be implemented in the next couple of weeks so hang tight. I appreciate your feedback, so thanks.

Now, do yourself a solid and buy a t-shirt Ladies, fear not, we ‘re getting them in women ‘s sizes soon. Also, have a good weekend and call me if you need me.


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