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Chosen Ones

You talk; Amy listens. Last week, I mentioned that we would be changing the Immortal category based on your feedback. This week it ‘s actually happening. Democracy in action!

Here ‘s the deal. We ‘ve added a new category called Chosen Ones. Videos in that category will be videos that come from celebrities who are donating their time to make us all laugh, from comedians we have solicited to create exclusive content for us, from the Funny Or Die team and from guys I ‘m trying to get to sleep with me. That last group may be an abuse of power on my part but it ‘s also a joke so don ‘t worry about it. Chosen One videos cannot be voted on, although you can still comment on them. So go to town in the comments section.

Wait! There ‘s more. You will now be able to vote on videos in the Immortal category. Like before, for a video to become Immortal, it will still need 50,000 views and a rating of 4.0 or higher. But now, to stay Immortal the video ‘s rating has to stay above 4.0. If an Immortal video ‘s rating goes below 4.0, its category will change to reflect its new rating. We figured if you have the ability to resurrect things from The Crypt you should also be able to keep the Immortal videos fresh by voting on those as well.

So there you have it. Thanks again for your advice, you ‘re helping us to create a better site and we appreciate it. I hope you ‘re happy with the changes, because if you aren ‘t then I am going to get fired.

Have a great weekend, why don ‘t you?


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