By: Funny Or Die

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Okay. So I had a weekend to think. By the time I sobered up on Sunday I had two thoughts.

1) I have got to get it together on a personal level.2) Why did I change the status of Immortal videos so people can vote on them?

In all honesty, I was back and fourth on this whole voting on Immortal videos. And I talked to Henchy and McKay this morning and we all came to a decision. You work hard enough to become Immortal, then ain ‘t nobody going to take that away from you.

So, Chosen Ones, still not voted on from the get go. But also the same goes for Immortal videos. But since we ‘re jerks, we ‘re going to make it harder for a video to become Immortal. From now on, videos need 100,000 views to become Immortal, which means you have earned the right to live forever and not be judged.

Does this mean every Immortal video will be the funniest thing you ‘ve ever seen? Maybe not. But this a democracy and sometimes people vote for things that aren ‘t good (see: White House). So think before you vote.

Have a good week. If you haven ‘t seen them yet, watch the Paris Power Ballad and Bush Blog.


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