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Users ain ‘t losers.

Hey. So, thanks for all the videos you guys are posting, they ‘re really fun to watch and they ‘re really good. Since this is your site, I want to start featuring more videos from you. Right now in Featured we have Was It You and This Ain ‘t Harry ‘s Hogwarts, both of which are user created videos that you pretty much need to check out.

What else is going on? Well, this week we met with the designers and techies for FOD and they are working on some serious kick ass changes to this place. In a month or so I feel like the site is going to look like that guy you knew in high school who put a chin up bar in his bedroom door frame during the summer between junior and senior year: unexpectedly hot.

Finally, if you are in LA please do yourself a favor and go to Birds Restaurant. Why? Because I said so. Also because it ‘s a good restaurant, a great bar (trust me) and they ‘ve been kind enough to let us come in and shoot videos there so we love them.

I ‘ll update you next week on all the celebrity stuff we ‘ve got coming up. It, like life, is very exciting.


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