By: Funny Or Die

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I’m the only one trying.

This week was a hot mess. Lauren was on vacation, Bryan was sick and Jake spent the week wearing Henchy ‘s old jean jacket, acting like an asshole on wheels. Meanwhile McKay, Henchy and Ferrell are on some top-secret mission in The Himalayas and all I know about it is that the code word is ‘mystify ‘ and they won ‘t be back for at least 3 years. So, I need you to show me some love by watching stuff. What say you start with Homeless Baby and George Washington Realty?

I want to give a shout out to Nick Cannon, who I met this week and who, I swear to you, was undressing me with his eyes the entire time. Check out his hilarious Bush Raps About Kanye West. Word on the street is he has exclusive stuff for Funny Or Die and we can ‘t wait for it, seeing how Nick is a talent machine.

Even if your weekend is a bust, don ‘t sweat it. Because your Monday is going to be really good: a new Lil Jon video goes up. I thought Crunk was dead but thanks to Jon, I stand corrected.


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