By: Funny Or Die

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It ‘s the week before a MAJOR national holiday.

Basically, I am the only one in the office this week. Bryan quit on Friday and Lauren and Jake are on a cruise (my idea to go on a cruise, and they stole it). McKay, Henchy and Ferrell are kite surfing in the Gulf of Mexico. I don ‘t even know what kite surfing is, but it sounds ridiculous.

So. I do NOT wish to thank any Funny Or Die employees but I do wish to thank Danny DeVito and the cast of ‘It ‘s Always Sunny In Philadelphia ‘ for this. And I ‘d like to thank picnicface for yet another hilarious video and, while I am at it, I ‘d like to ask picnicface to marry me or, at the very least, lay me down for a good five to ten minutes, if you catch my drift. Hubba banana.

You guys, we only have one week left of summer and we need to make the most of it. My advice? Blow some shit up, burn some bridges, alienate some people and don ‘t worry about it because next week it ‘s back-to-school. See you in class.


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