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A Message From Will and Adam

Hello, Ferrell and McKay here.

We just started shooting our new movie ‘Step Brothers ‘ with John C Reilly. It's rated R so finally the shackles of PG-13 are released and we are cussing like dock workers with tourettes.

Just wanted to acknowledge some fantastic videos on the site. First off, the DeVito sex tape from ‘It ‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. ‘ I know Amy already gave it a round of applause but this really made us laugh and is worth a third look and certainly a forward to ten friends. Also, Jack McBrayer ‘s new video is informative and well produced. Ferrell just jacked a meth dealer for twenty grand. It really works! An oldy but a goody is What ‘s It Gonna Be. We heard U of Chicago is adding it to their great books program. If you haven't seen it, quit being jaded and watch it.

This is a stellar month with vids from Bill Murray, another from Jack McBrayer and one from Eva Longoria. Plus we have a huge announcement coming up about a new partner who is joining FOD. Trust us, it couldn't be any better. Amy and the FOD staff are kicking ass and feeling so good they're choosing not to take numbers.

Yesterday we filmed a German Shephard attacking Mary Steenbergen and John C punching a hole through a pumpkin so life is good.

-Will and Adam

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