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There is good news and there is bad news.

The good news is we have a buttload of great videos on the site right now and, to the best of my knowledge, everyone is safe and nobody got hurt. Thanks to Pete, Brian and Daniel for giving us their kick ass Bill Murray video and to Tony Hawk and Jamie Kennedy for this. And, of course, thanks to my ex-husband/former boss/sometimes coke dealer from my days as a Vegas stripper for giving us the Exclusive OJ Security Tape.

The bad news is Bryan is back. He just showed up this morning and sat down at his desk as if him quitting and the office being in shambles as a result for the last two weeks never happened. Everyone is dealing with it in his or her own way. Lauren is making a Chris Crockeresque video called, ‘Leave Bryan Alone ‘ and Jake is doing some aggressive kickboxing in the garage. I called Will and Adam on the set of ‘Step Brothers ‘ to ask what I should do and all they said was, ‘Who is Bryan? ‘ Henchy claims he has a friend whose couch he lived on for three years that will take care of the situation with no questions asked but won ‘t elaborate further. The worst part about all of this is that looking at Bryan this morning, I could feel myself falling in love. And I can ‘t let that happen. Not again.

Happy Monday.


PS. In case you care, and I know you do, Jake is living the American Dream. This story proves it.

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