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USA Today-hey-hey-hey

Yesterday USA Today ran a really cool article about Funny Or Die along with a picture of Bryan and I doing what we do best: laughing. National fame and notoriety has not changed me a bit. I was mad with power long before that article came out. But, it has changed Bryan. When I showed up at work this morning he was nowhere to be found. But there was this note on the door to the office:

Dear You Guys (it's too hard to write everyone's names), I'm really busy right now–lunch with the publicist, shopping with Chris Crocker, and testing a skin care line. Also, Sharon Stone is teaching me how to be an auctioneer! Do you believe?! Call me if you need anything. Oh, and I changed my cell phone number. So, email? Thx! Good luck! ‘B

I am not 100% sure I want him to come back on Monday.

The article talks about a FOD pitch meeting which resulted in the Mary Lynn Rajskub Freaks Out piece. The magic of FOD revealed!

Have a good weekend! Keep posting videos, keep voting, and keep livin ‘.


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