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Halo 3 uber Rap

From the Minds of Warped Corp comes our Tribute to the greatest game on earth, Halo 3. Part Music Video, part fan film, part original creation, we decided to show the world our Madness. This is the best Music Video of Halo 3 on the Net. See for yourself. Halo 3 Meets Hip Hop, and Rap. MP3 Available for Download at, Itunes, and Enjoy our Madness!

Written, performed, and Directed by Mason Storm
Produced by Warped Corp. Edited by Phill Ragland
Director of Photography Goran Nerik
Mason Storm
Phill Ragland
Briana English
Gina Bishop
Troy Terashita
Doug Marshall
Jason Steingold
Dalton Storm
Matt Cary

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