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It’s Bryan and I am scared.

Hi, you guys. It ‘s Bryan. If there ‘s one thing I ‘ve learned in this life, it ‘s that you always have to look out for #1. And #1 in this office means Amy. Amy said she needed to dictate the blog to me today because she is ‘sick and tired but mostly tired. ‘ She wouldn ‘t say anything more than that, but if there ‘s a second thing I ‘ve learned in this life, it ‘s to never question Amy. Ever. So, here goes.

Have you seen that video 2Girls1Cup? Well, DON ‘T. It ‘s Barf City, Utah. Instead, watch this parody from the always-awesome John Mayer. It ‘s much funnier and also much healthier. So, thanks John! (Actually, Amy told me to write this: ‘Thank you, Mr. Mayer. Don ‘t mind if I do.Wink Wink! ‘)

Also, Judd Apatow gave us this comedy all-star video (Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Sam Rockwell and Will Forte, anyone?). It ‘s about tutors and tooting! As the bumper sticker on Amy ‘s car reads, ‘Live. Learn. Laugh. ‘

Finally, did you know that we ‘re going to Vegas next week, y ‘all? To HBO ‘s The Comedy Festival. To premiere a new video with Will, Adam and John C. Reilly. Apparently we ‘re staying in a palace that dates back to the Ancient Romans! Amy, of course, is pissed about the whole situation. Typical.


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