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Viva Las Vegas

So. Vegas happened. I can ‘t tell you a lot about the trip but I can tell you this: we had an amazing time, we got to premiere The Green Team a new video from McKay, Ferrell and John C. Reilly and Jake is dead.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, not only are we putting up Thanksgiving themed videos tomorrow, but we have also updated our staff picks and we want to give some thank you shout-outs from our Vegas tour-de-force.

Lauren would like to thank Jimmy The Bartender. Lauren isn ‘t much of a drinker unless, apparently, she is in Vegas. Then she basically drinks 24/7. Jimmy introduced Lauren to a drink he invented called a Red Commie. By the time Lauren ordered her third Red Commie she ordered it by saying, ‘Jimmy. I don ‘t know what you ‘re doing to me, but I don ‘t want you to stop. ‘ Jimmy knew what she meant and kept the drinks coming.

Bryan would like to thank the inventor of slot machines and dried-out, saggy, balding old women who play them. They are his new role models. For four days, any time he wasn ‘t sitting at a slot machine with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other Bryan could be heard saying, ‘I just want to play my slots. ‘ Disgusting.

Before he passed, Jake and I met Dr. Ken, who danced his way into our hearts in this video. I am sure if he was still with us Jake would want me to thank Dr. Ken for being so awesome, which is kind of awkward because, although I can ‘t go into details, Dr. Ken is currently the prime (read: only) suspect in the investigation in to Jake ‘s death.

Henchy would like to thank Las Vegas because for four days, he owned that city. I always knew Henchy knew how to live, but now I really know, you know?

I would like to thank everyone at HBO who made The Comedy Festival so great, especially Pat, JP and Rachel. I ‘d also like to apologize to Rachel for vomiting on her. It ‘s Vegas. It happens.

Happy Thanksgiving to Magnus from Denmark (holler!) and to everyone else ‘


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