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Jake made me call this: Redefining Awesome

Funny Or Die and Gary Sanchez Productions just got back from our first annual retreat and even though my life was in danger the entire weekend, I had the best time I have ever had. I could tell you about the weekend, but honestly, this is a case of the truth being stranger (and more awesome) than fiction and you probably wouldn ‘t believe me.

I could also tell you about High Five Hollywood, Almost Twin's sequel to High Five but I figured I ‘d let Jack, Jake ‘s cousin and the co-creator of the video, tell you about the experience.

Quick backstory: Jake is OUR Jake, and also is the dude with the stache in the video, Bob is in the shades and Jack was behind the camera. They made the original High Five in Wisconsin (where Jack lives and Jake grew up and Bob, who lives in Chicago came to visit) over the summer. We all loved the original video but Henchy LOVED it. He wanted a sequel, set it up, and then, according to Jack, this happened:

‘As the story goes, in the Funny Or Die offices, Henchy turned to Jake and slurred “shit with the TV remote, cheeseburger, high five…paper gotta L.A. that bitch!?!”Luckily for Bob and I, Jake understood and LAX here we come. The day Bob and I flew into L.A. the dreaded fires of southern California were blazing. As we were landing in you could see the fires from the plane.

For three or four days (I don ‘t know), we shot all day driving from one side of L.A. to the other and spent all night going over footage and planning for the next day. It was the most fun and most work I've put into any shoot, which is funny considering it's a high five montage.

Let me wrap this one up by saying that Will, McKay, and Tim Meadows are all professionals. They don't need to appear in a video that's intended for the internet. They took time out of their day to help us out, for no other reason then they though it was funny. They listened to our ideas and contributed their own. It's no wonder they've all made names for themselves, I'm sure that no matter what their place in life was we would have been greeted with the same smile and handshake.

P.S. Because I don't want to leave it on a mushy note ‘ Tim Meadows grabbed my ass…and I kind of liked it. ‘ -Jack

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