By: Eliza Skinner

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Just Talk

Award-winning submission for the NY 48 Hour Film Project. Filmmakers are given 3 required elements, a genre, and 48 hours to make a film. Required elements: Character – Tetley Fairfax, Writer Prop – Conference badge Line of Dialogue – “If you must know, my father told me.” Genre – Romance. Winner – Best Use Of Dialogue, Best Cinematography. Runner Up – Best Acting.

Cast –
Ann Carr,
Becky Drysdale,
Glennis McMurray,
Ben Rodgers,
Dan Gregor,
Eli Newell,
Eliza Skinner,
and Birch Harms
Writer/Director – Eliza Skinner
Cinematographer – Paul Rondeau
Editor – Dave Lombard
Music – Tyler Walker
Title Card – Noah Scalin

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