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Why Indian women won’t marry Indian men…and more! – Indian stand up comedy

Two hours of comedy, including exclusive backstage interviews! A Wrench In The Works Entertainment is proud to present five of the most talented Indian stand up comedians in North America, taped live, in High Definition, before a sold out audience in Hollywood, California. Blowing aside political correctness, these five hilarious comics masterfully break down every imaginable stereotype. With no topic off-limits, the result is pure comedy: raw, revealing, and wildly entertaining. Indian Invasion Comedy brings these enormously talented comedians together for two hours of nonstop, side-splitting entertainment you can't see anywhere else. Bonus features include exclusive backstage interviews, and widescreen format.

Director: Iqbal S. Hans
Starring: Vidur Kapur, Vijai Nathan, Mark Saldana, Rajiv Satyal, Dalia.

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