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Extra! Extra! Landlord Hits 50M, Keeps Going!

It ‘s the holiday season, so it is only appropriate that we celebrate The Landlord aka The Gift That Keeps On Giving. After all, if it wasn ‘t for that video I would still be sitting around my apartment in my underwear wondering what to do with my life, Jake would still be high-fiving in to thin air, Lauren would still be an Avon Lady and Bryan would still be a queen without a castle. But, thanks to Pearl, McKay, Ferrell and Director Drew, we all have Hummers, bad attitudes and serious coke problems.

The Landlord is the video that started it all and it just passed 50 million views. In honor of this milestone we ‘ve released The Landlord: Criterion Edition with commentary from McKay and Ferrell. I happened to be in the office the day they shot that video and tried to introduce myself to both of them. But, their security team had me escorted off of the premises before I got the chance. Even still, they seem like pretty cool dudes.

We ‘ve also added new staff picks and have some holiday videos coming out later this week. We know you ‘ll all be busy playing Apples to Apples with your families, but when the game gets too heated, take a break, watch some videos and remember: January is just around the corner.


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