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No Hate in ’08

Happy New Year! Thanks to Big for the ‘No Hate ‘ catchphrase to start off the year with. Things are kind of quiet here today because the FOD Team is still recovering from visiting our families, going to parties, and eating cheese for a week straight. Like you, we ‘ve all made resolutions we ‘ll break by the end of the week. If it makes you feel better, I doubt that any of the celebs in this video are keeping their resolutions either. Except Dr. Ken who I kind of feel like cheated.

Special thanks to Lauren who was in LA last week ‘ she held down the fort and I personally think the site has never looked better. Also thanks to Lil Jon for this cartoon.

Hope you all had a great holiday and are slowly getting back in to the swing. We are all excited at FOD to see what 2008 brings, since last year was 100% insane and we expect things are just going to get crazier.


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