By: Funny Or Die

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Buzz, buzz!

I ‘m seriously all alone in the office today and by the office, I mean my bed. I couldn ‘t go in to work today for several reasons. 1. Amy is a straight-up liar. 2. I ‘m part tired/part busy. 3. It ‘s cold in LA today. I think it ‘s like 50 degrees! Plus, it gives me a lot more time to read about all the d-bags who went to Sundance for zero reason on Perez's blog. But, get ready to have your mind blown, now Perez has come to me! That ‘s right. Perez did a video for us about babies, which is most likely one of the best combinations ever. We all know Perez can be a little spicy so we wanted to balance it out by putting Amy's niece in the video, because she is 100% sweet. Watch it here and get inspired to help. All I ‘m saying is that watching it made me laugh a little, cry a little, nap and eat Cheez-Its. Just your typical MLK day, I guess!


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