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Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Well, if ever I wanted to live the rock star now ‘s my chance. Jake and I are off today for the FOD College Comedy Tour. I was not really stressing out about a month on the road until we got our travel itinerary on Friday and realized that most of the time we will be traveling from city to city on a bus overnight. Which means sleeping on said bus. I mean, when do people expect me to set my hair and wash my unmentionables? Honestly, my biggest concern is that someone has to be the first person to take a number 2 on the bus and have everyone else make fun of them for the rest of the trip. And I just don ‘t want that someone to be me.

I couldn ‘t have a better travel companion than Jake who is 100% down for anything, anytime. And we ‘ve prepared, so we can spend the next month of our lives together and come out of it bruised but not broken. On Friday Jake pulled me aside in the office to tell me not to take it personally if, at any time, he snaps at me. He also asked me what he should do in the (highly likely) event that I burst in to tears at some point. My answer? ‘Make a joke. But not a joke about me crying because that could make me cry more. Make a joke a about something I have found funny before. A callback. Yeah, basically if you do a callback, it ‘ll be fine. I think. ‘ Jake looked scared out of his mind with that response but I know he can do it.

I am going to miss the bojangles out of the rest of the FOD Team – who will be holding down the fort while we are gone. I love the shit out of them. They, on the other hand, are probably glad for the break.

Jake and I will try to blog from the road. And if we can get Henchy, Will and Adam on board to play Celebrity or Mafia you bet your ass we ‘re going to video tape that and post it.

Happy February ‘

PS. VOTE on Tuesday.

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