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It’s the Day of the Show, Y’all

After a 4:45 am car pickup yesterday and three plane rides, Jake and I finally made it to our first stop on the tour: Manhattan, Kansas, home of Kansas State University. The town is known as The Little Apple and it is small, kind of like its airport.

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Last night the whole crew went to Kite ‘s Bar in an area of town called Aggieville to watch the Super Bowl. Side note: I am conflicted about the game – The Giants win proves that perfection is impossible but Tom Brady ‘s face begs to differ, am I right ladies? Anyway, there were lots of Will fans outside the bar. I don ‘t want to say all the attention had gone to Will ‘s head but at the bar he did order this hamburger:

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And, on the car ride back to the hotel, Will made McKay list every movie he has ever been in. When McKay got bored, Will got pissed and told him to keep going.

At Kites, Jake and I met a ton of students, who all love Funny Or Die (duh) and are coming to the show tonight. One girl told us, ‘This show is the biggest thing to happen in Manhattan, Kansas, like, ever. ‘ Jake then proceeded to hit on her for about 10 minutes. For the record: Number of girls that have seen the inside of Jake ‘s hotel room so far on the tour: 1. Number of nights that we ‘ve been on the road: 1. So you tell me.

We ‘re off to rehearsal today for our first show tonight. I hope it goes well, because if it does, we may be going to Broadway.


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