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I Don ‘t Think We ‘re in Kansas Anymore.

We ‘re in Michigan. But honestly we ‘re all still high from the Kansas State show. Yesterday was Hannah Montana bananas but also amazingly fun. We spent all day on our feet rehearsing the show.

By the end of rehearsal my dogs were barking but there was no rest because before we knew it the venue had gone from this:

to this:

I don ‘t want to brag but I am basically 100% that everyone was there to see Jake and I as ninjas.

Jake and I are really awesome ninjas. Don ‘t believe me? Maybe this will convince you:

Wow. Judging by that second photo I am a little too in to being a ninja, don ‘t you think? Crouching Tiger, Hidden Douchebag, am I right or what?

Anyway, the Ninja Fight Opening killed, as did Zach, Demetri and Nick, who gave Funny Or Die a holler at the top of his set when a bunch of people yelled out, ‘I fucking hate Mondays! ‘

After the shout out, I turned to Henchy and said, ‘I think my work here is done. Can I go back to LA? ‘ Don ‘t get me wrong; Kansas is great and all but I more sensitive to cold weather than I am to insults or lactose products. It just doesn ‘t sit right with me.

Henchy said no, so after the show we all went back to the hotel and crashed. Well, not ALL of us slept. Let ‘s just say – Number of girls that have seen the inside of Jake ‘s hotel room so far on the tour: 3. Number of nights that we ‘ve been on the road: 2. If you want to know his trick, he has some line about playing cards with them but he did not pack cards. He ‘s good.

Thanks to everyone at Kansas State, they rocked the house and we had an amazing time. I ‘m sure tonight ‘s show in Michigan will be just as fun.

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P.S. I know a lot of you are upset that the tour isn't coming near you. To that I say, get off my back. But, if you live in San Francisco, check out the Noise Pop Festival you ‘ll be able to see Funny Or Die videos before their movie premieres, along with a bunch of other cool stuff. I know, I know. It's not Will Ferrell live, but if you really cared about seeing the show, you could get on a plane. I'm just saying.

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