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Doin ‘ it, doin ‘ it and doin ‘ it well.

You ‘ll never guess what happened last night. The show crushed it at Michigan State. First off, the audience was ginormous.

And, the Spartans were in it to win it from the get go. Honest to Allah, I haven ‘t heard that much screaming since my honeymoon. (Wink, wink, am I right?)

When I am not busy ninjaing it up or running around backstage during the show, I am texting the rest of the FOD Team bossing them around but also telling them I wish they were at the show. I wish every one of you were at every one of the shows. But, since you ‘re not, here are a couple of pics from last night ‘s show to make you feel like you were there. Can you dig it? I know you can.

Will riding a jazzy and wearing a bikini t-shirt. Good look. I ‘d do him.

Demetri getting ready to go on stage and rock out with his cock out. Love the guitar, I ‘d do him.

Nick imitating a drunk girl. Knows his way around a drunk lady, I ‘d do him.

Zach. Glitter. Annie costume. I ‘d obviously do him.

After the show we got on a bus and headed to Ohio. It was an overnight trip and shit went down on the bus that I am not at liberty to discuss. In fact, Henchy has only said two things to me today: 1. ‘You ‘re a dirty hippy. ‘ 2. ‘Don ‘t write about the bus ride in the blog. ‘ Fair enough on both counts.

Tonight ‘s show is at Ohio State University, and if this video is any indication, it ‘s going to be a real humdinger.


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