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Magic? Jesus

BOOM! Fresh off the blocks baby, we just finished shooting ‘Magic? Jesus ‘ another short by the genius that is TWilkerson. Shot on location at the top of a parking garage, the short is about two co-workers, myself and the newest member of the Magic Hugs team, Michael Kelly. Michael coaxes me into meeting him over our lunch break so that he can show me for the 9th time that he can ‘do magic. ‘ Long story short, Jesus appears, then a lot of other crazy shizz goes on and you ‘ll have to wait and see what happens when the video is released. We will also have a photo page on the website coming very soon of various pictures from shoots and other hug-worthy situations. Thats about it friends, keep scopin ‘ out the site for updates. Hugs 4 ALL!!!–Scott ‘Hug-Master ‘ Blair–

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