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Here We Go Again

Jake and I leave today for round two of the tour, after two days back in LA. The quick stop home was nice, and on Friday we even got to go in to the FOD office. We were surprised to find a girl named Lauren (very tiny, very adorable), a guy named Drew (handsome as they come) and some kid named Bryan (nondescript) in our office on Friday, all claiming they work for Funny Or Die. Neither Jake nor I have any recollection of having met these cats before.

Our last show on leg one of the tour was at Ohio State University on Wednesday. In January the school gave away free tickets to the show to students and Jake flew out to film that. Oddly enough, that guy Bryan was there as well and he and Jake interviewed some students, which you can check out here, here and here.

So, Ohio State was ready for the show. Frankly, I ‘m not surprised: I was born in Ohio so I figured that would be a state that knew how to bring it. And bring it they did: There were 15,000 people in attendance, our largest crowd to date. Thanks to Neil Miller who sent me this review of the show. Like Neil says, the show was epic.

Speaking of epic:

Ron Burgundy. Enough said, right?

Anyway, I just want to say goodbye and thank you to the Midwest. You were really great to us, and we were tired so we appreciated it.

This week we head to the East Coast. I ‘m excited to get back on the road, but not nearly as excited as Jake, who called me four times today to complain that he needs to get back out there so he can get some more tour tail. While I ‘m not looking to get laid on the tour (lie! I am), I am hoping that when Jake and I get back to LA those people aren ‘t in our office anymore ‘ especially the Bryan one. Honestly, they were weirdos.

PS. Want more tour photos? Check out our Flickr page. Need a good times montage? Duh.

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