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Freeway of Love

I just asked someone where we were last night. I ‘m tired. We were at Penn State, then after the show took an overnight bus ride to Rhode Island. Once again, I am not allowed to talk about what happened on the bus. To my mom I say: don ‘t blame yourself for my behavior on the bus. To everyone else I say: My behavior on the bus is directly related to my relationship with my mother, and trying to undo the past.

Anyway, now we ‘re in Rhode Island, which ‘ fun fact ‘ is the first state I ever got drunk in. I came here once to visit my sister when she was in college and I drank a lot of rum mixed with just a pinch of Diet Coke. It was a real classy time.

Here are some photos from last night ‘s show.

Will Ferrell makes you want to jump, jump.

The ninjas preshow, with some jerk in the background trying to ruin the photo.

Jake knows how to get ‘er done.

After tonight ‘s show we ‘re off to Boston which means another bus ride (sorry mom). If you haven ‘t already, check out a video from the tour, Ask Will Anything With Andrea Savage. Our first in the series from Kansas State is up with more coming soon. The Comedy Tour page has all the latest info, so check it frequently.


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