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More Than A Feeling

Last night ‘s show at The University of Rhode Island was the tits. The audience was only 7,000 people – and yes I know I sound like a real d-bag using the word ‘only ‘ before the number 7,000 but this tour has f ‘ing changed me so get off my jock ‘ but they brought the heat! They were a fantastic audience and everyone had so much fun.

There was a little commotion before the show and two things happened. First, somehow Zach and Nick ‘s ninja costumes got switched.

Hardly noticeable, don ‘t you think.

Second, Will Arnett almost missed his cue because he was all up in my grill.

I mean, can you be more obvious, Will?

After the show we got on the bus and drove to Boston and tonight we ‘re going to fahking do it up in fahking Beantown. In the meantime, if you want more of ‘Ask Will Anything ‘ (and I know you do) check out the videos from Michigan State and Ohio State.


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