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Don’t Stop Believing

Jake and I flew back to LA from Boston last night. Wednesday was our last show for this leg of the tour and all I can say is, I love Boston and the show at Boston College was a wicked good time.

One of our favorite comedy troupes, Picnicface, came down from Canada to see the show. After dinner we met up with them at bar called Crossroads.

Since Jake was busy entertaining the Picnicface crew he didn ‘t have time to entertain the ladies so I had to step up and take one for the team. Let ‘s just say I went to college in Boston and had a real good time. I considered this trip a homecoming of sorts and – good news – I still know how to seal the deal.

Also, I guess at one point I tried to kill Jake.

I don ‘t really remember that part. Honestly, so much of this week was a blur but it was also an amazing time. Coming to Boston was the perfect way to end the week. Thanks to everyone at Penn State, URI and BC for making week two of the tour as great as week one.

Also, a big thanks to Will Arnett for two things:1- Understanding that while we ‘ll always have memories, we can never be together.2- MC ‘ing the shows this week. Everyone loved having him around, as you can see here.

Next week we ‘re off to North Carolina and then New York City which I am 100% sure is going to be a situation, and I mean that in the best possible way.


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