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Can I Get An Encore, Do You Want More?

We are out on the third and final leg of the tour right now. Friday night we had a show at The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. It was our last college show.

It was a lot of fun, especially because there were a lot of friends and family in town for the show. I got to meet Will ‘s dad and all I can say about that is that I now know where Will gets his cool. I also met Henchy ‘s mom, who introduced herself to me by pointing at Henchy and saying, ‘I did good with that one. ‘ Uh, no duh you did. As if that wasn ‘t enough, FOD ‘s intern, Brad was also in town shooting stuff for our skating sister site, Shred or Die.

North Carolina was colder than I expected it to be but also very easy on the eyes. Even the arena where we did the show was pretty.

Everyone had a great time in NC, and yesterday we flew to New York for our final show, tonight at Radio City Music Hall. I ‘m beyond thrilled to be in New York, and also more than a little sad that the tour is almost over. Real life is going to be so boring, especially now that I am used to starting my evenings like this:

The whole FOD Team is here in New York for the show and I can only imagine that tonight is going to be one for the books.


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