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Let’s Dance, The Last Dance

Talk about coming full circle. Jake and I ended the tour on Sunday night where we started: in Manhattan. Except this time we really weren ‘t in Kansas anymore. We were in New York City, at Radio City Music Hall.

The show at Radio City was nothing short of magical. How could it not be? Considering we were performing here:

And, the whole FOD Team came to New York for the show. Having ‘Funny Or Die ‘ on the marquee was, no doubt, a life moment.

The entire tour was an amazing experience, and there were a lot of people who made it possible. They all deserve props, so here goes.

Thanks to Jake, for being the best travel partner a girl could ask for. He got it done left and right. And, he did so with a smile on his face the entire time, probably because girls were showing him their boobs like it was going out of style.

Thanks to Lauren, Bryan, Drew and Seth for holding down the fort in LA and calling the Raddison in Michigan to yell at them when Jake ‘s bag was lost and they gave me a key to a room that had some guy lying on the bed watching TV in it.

Thanks to Zach, Demetri and Nick for being amazing stand-ups and not being dicks. And to Andrea for being a kick ass tour correspondent as well as someone I could talk to about my period. Seriously, we talked about our periods for hours on end.

And what about this guy?

McKay MC ‘d the shit out of the show.

Then there are the tour MVP ‘s:

Jessica, who not only gave a Tony-worthy performance as Nerdy Ninja, but who also acted as prop master, costume folder, Will wrangler, private plane getter, gym goer and tour bus giggler.

Henchy, The Clutch, who LITERALLY ran the show. Directed it, stage managed it, crushed it and still managed to party when necessary. Oh, and did I mention that he had no idea he was going to do any of those things (except party) until we showed up in Kansas and there were like 50 stage crew members starring at him? Henchy don ‘t play.

Rich Miller, the tour manager, who always had a car waiting, always fed us, always knew where our bags were and who taught us that when you want to get shit done you ‘Sometimes gotta peel off an extra leaf of lettuce. ‘ (Read: slip someone a twenty.) Rich Miller is truly a pleasure to know.

Last by not least, thanks to Will. There is a lot I could say about him but I will just say this: his heart matches his humor.

To everyone who came out to see the show, we hope you had as much fun as we did. To those who missed it, we ‘ll be back out on the road soon enough.


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