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Tour Fever

Jake and I have been back for a little over a week but we still have tour fever. Every day around 3pm Jake complains that he isn ‘t getting any boob action and I run around the office asking when the bus is coming so we can party. Thankfully we work in the best office ever so getting back to ‘normal ‘ life is neither normal nor boring. Actually, it ‘s pretty nice to have the whole FOD Team together again.

But, since I am still thinking about the tour, I figured you would be as well. So, fear not, we still have a ton of tour videos coming out. Like this little gem, which proves that the tour was basically batshit crazy. Full disclosure: while this was being shot Andrea and I were standing in the hall and had this conversation:

Me: I just saw Zach ‘s balls!
Andrea: I just say Nick ‘s whole deal, penis and balls.
Me: That ‘s insane.
Andrea: It ‘s not like I wanted to see all that, but it was just there. It was an accident.
Me: I sort of looked at Zach ‘s balls on purpose. I felt like he wanted us to see them and it would have been rude not to look.
Jake is editing more behind-the-scenes videos and they are all pretty nuts. And, here ‘s one more photo from the magic that is New York.

That’s Zach inside Radio City Music Hall. It’s so classy. We did a ninja fight scene there.

While I am feeling a little nostalgic, I ‘m also really excited about the future. Liz, Nate and Max are in town from FOD North to talk shop this week and we have a lot of amazing changes coming for the site in the next few months so stay tuned.


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