By: Brad Schulz

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The Awkward Period

So, I went back and read my first blog ever, the one right before this and came to a powerful realization. Blogging is not easy. That first blog is stupid, pompous, and in all seriousness should be deleted. However, I decided to leave it as a document of “The Awkward Period of my Blogging.” This is the phase of my blogging where I'm just starting to sprout blog hairs on my blog balls. The period where my blog voice is dropping a few octaves, thus confusing people when I answer the family blog phone. The period when I first shave my blog peach fuzz from my blog face and start wearing blog deodorant because I stink after blog physical education. Blog.

Anyways, you get the idea. So, if in fact anyone is reading these postings, (I suspect it's only my mom at this point) Bare with me. I'm dealing with my changing blog body. There that feels much better. However, I will say that writing these blogs feels very similar to talking to myself in a room with all the lights off. But I've got to push through the Awkward period and develop into a blog adult.


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