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It’s Hondo Time!

Someone ‘s having a birthday today.

Not the actual monkey but the human monkey, Henchy. We don ‘t think it is a coincidence that his birthday falls on Easter, the same day that JC rose from the dead as well as a day that is customarily celebrated with bunnies. Because, like JC, there is nothing, but nothing, that Henchy can ‘t do. On top of being so funny it should be illegal, he is smart and knows how to run the show. Henchy is Hollywood and Hollywood is Henchy and never the two shall part.

As if that ‘s not enough, Henchy is also a serious fan of bunnies and cuddling. Every time we see him he says things like, ‘Let ‘s act like we ‘re bunnies and cuddle ‘ or ‘Pretend I am a bunny and I am so small I can fit in your pocket. ‘ It ‘s adorable.

So, on behalf of the FOD Team, Happy Birthday to Hondo, a true legend with great hair and a real sense of style (he can rock a white t-shirt and dress pants which ain ‘t easy). And, to everyone else, we wish you a Happy Easter.

FOD Team

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