By: Bryan Safi

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It’s About to Get Real

Ping-pong has made life at Funny or Die a lethal place to be.
Brad is undefeated in the office, and is being a total dick about it (to be fair, his serve is unrivaled and it has also turned him into an extrovert). It’s not just him, though. It’s made me start to use the phrases “suck it” and “Face!” I can’t wait another minute for Henchy , the true master of the ping and the pong, to return and avenge the whole effing thing. Can’t we just play this instead? I think I’d be really good at that game because I am incredibly articulate.
Our newest team member Josh confessed to me just yesterday that he was a master gymnast from the ages of 2-12 and that he can still do back hand-springs. The last thing I need right now is a hot-shot back-flipper alongside someone who’s in my face with the table tennis. Only one hard, mutha-f’ing piece of gangsta could make this all good…
Mr. Jack McBrayer. He’s back. And, his third installment couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. It’s really inspired me to take some action. I guess what I mean is, Ima ’bout to bus’ sum shit up over at Brad’s house.

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