By: Adam "Ghost Panther" McKay

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A Message from Mckay

For the past few weeks Chris Henchy , Tommy Blacha, Matt Besser , Paul Sheer , Owen Burke and myself have been lighting up the message board on IMDB for Another Stakeout, a completely forgettable so-so sequel starring Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez. There has been a lot of passion, love and sometimes anger in our exchanges. But it's all worth it for us AS 2 fans.

Come join us and help us turn this movie into a giant cult hit for absolutely no good reason. Register and vote 10/10 for the movie. Get into heated trivia arguments about the movie. Quote lines, question other Stakeout heads’ commitment to the movie. Let’s forward this e-mail and flood the site to the point where there are Another Stakeout festivals and conventions and midnight showings with people in costume saying lines along with the movie ala Rocky Horror Pic Show. And remember, we are Another Stakeout fans. Not Stakeout fans. The first one was pretty good but like the Godfather 2 (or is the Godfather 2 like Another Stakeout?) director John Badham got it right the second time around. AS 2 forever!!


PS. When you're done with all the important stuff above, check out the Night of Too Many Stars airing live from the Beacon Theater in New York on Sunday at 8pm EST.

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