By: Will Ferrell

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Bday Greetings from Adam, Will, and Chris

So here we are, one year later and oh how things have changed. One year ago Ferrell , myself and Henchy were sitting around the two bedroom condo we all shared eating lime infused nachos and watching Judge show after Judge show. And now look at us.

Ferrell is wearing a silver tuxedo and now shares a seven bedroom apartment with Casper Weinberger. Henchy has freakish six pack abs and has appeared in seven South American porn films under the name of Jose Gaucho. And Adam was buried alive by a biker gang in New Mexico after trying to burn them on a meth/white slavery deal. In short, life has been good since this site launched.

We've gone from a few videos (Masturbation by Nick Thune , Five Worst Candies , Friday Night Nights and the Landlord ) to over 25 thousand videos and five million unique hits this past January. We've just completed our first national comedy tour and this September we're launching our first official recurring series.

Amy , Jake , Lauren , Bryan , Seth , and of course, Drew are without a doubt the best and funniest creative staff on the net. And our tech and business office in Palo Alto has created the best entertainment platform around. Add our new CEO Dick Glover and it's starting to get serious and a bit frightening like the third act of The Game starring Michael Douglas.

There's also Tony Hawk's Shred or Die which is slowly becoming the skater, surfer, snowboarding site. It's good and more importantly it's a good time. Our goal to create an internet comedy space for friends to fuck around on has worked. So now we just keep seeing how cool we can keep making it.

So thank you to all the users, viewers and fans who keep showing up… We now get why all entertainers thank their fans and say “we couldn't have done it without you.” We're still not going to say it because we're not cheeseballs but thank you just the same…

Ferrell , McKay and Henchy

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