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Word to Your Mother

Yesterday was Earth Day but personally I like the planet enough that I think she deserves to be taken care of more than one day a year. Also, we got an advanced copy of Mario Kart for Wii yesterday so I played that for about four hours straight instead of writing this blog.

I don ‘t want to get too preachy about how you can Go Green, but in an office where McKay , Jake and Drew all drive hybrids, giving a shit can ‘t help but rub off on people. No, I am not telling you all to go out and purchase a hybrid (unless you need a new car; I got one in December) but I do believe that every little bit helps. So here are a few little things the FOD Team is doing to keep Mother Earth looking good and feeling great.

Go paperless: This past weekend I went online and converted all my bills to paperless. That means each month instead of getting a bill in the mail, my statement is emailed to me and I either pay with check or the money is taken directly out of my bank account. Either way, a lot less paper is wasted. Converting is easy to do; most bills you get in the mail have a url that walks you through you how to do this. Plus, if you ‘re like me and you don ‘t have a boyfriend, then you can do it on a Saturday night instead of crying.

Reuse it, don ‘t abuse it: Get a reusable cloth bag or two that you can use at the grocery store instead of paper or plastic. You can buy them at most grocery stores and since plastic bags can take up to a 1,000 years to degrade it ‘s worth it. Another tip: leave them in the trunk of your car so you don ‘t show up at the grocery store and realize you ‘ve forgotten them. I learned that the hard way.

Be more like Lauren : We all drink a ton of coffee at work. Honestly? You ‘re welcome, Starbucks, for the amount of times we frequent you on the daily. Lauren is the only one in the office that has a plastic thermos with a straw that she uses every day. I used to make fun of her for having her little thermos full of iced coffee in the morning but lately I feel like an asshole throwing away at least one paper or plastic cup every day. I can find other things to make fun of her about (easy) and she has inspired me to get my own reusable coffee cup.

Finally, get advice from the pros: If you need more eco-friendly advice, listen to these guys . They seem to know what they ‘re talking about and they ‘re funny.

So, pick one thing (two if you ‘re single ‘ IT ‘S NOT LIKE WE HAVE ANYTHING ELSE GOING ON) and I swear to you the easy change can make a big difference. Happy Belated Earth Day to you all ‘


PS. Have other good tips? Leave them in the comments!

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