By: Jake Szymanski

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More like Cinco de Drunk-o, am I right?! ‘I know! ‘But seriously, a fun Cinco tip is to write it out “Sink-o Day Mayo” and say you're looking for a sink constructed out of Helman's Mayonnaise. ‘I know! ‘But seriously, someone just told me it's actually seis de mayo. ‘I know! ‘But seriously, someone else just told me to shut up.

We’ve had a mucho good time here at Funny Or Die recently. Tour compadre Nick Swardson wowed us with his rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner‘ and someone uploaded a sketch that reminds us why Mr. Show was some of the best sketch comedy of all time.

LP and I said ‘hola‘ to our web engineers up in San Francisco yesterday. I know!

Seriously, we’ve got a press junket video coming out soon with Fred Simmons soon. They sent me to another junket considering how bueno* the last one went.

Now that you’ve made it this far, I can reveal a secreto: Check out the site tomorrow and you’re going to see a brand new video from THIS GUY. Creo! Pero, seriousamente, Amy has been diddling herself all day in anticipation.

I know!


*the term bueno is being taken very liberally.

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