By: Adam "Ghost Panther" McKay

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No that is not a fake headline. It’s real. Tom Brokaw was kind enough to be interviewed by Ron Burgundy at Radio City Music Hall on the FOD tour . And it was one of the greatest things I have seen. The most respected and real anchorman being interviewed by the least respected and fake anchorman. I thought the stage might explode.

In fact, it was Ferrell doing Burgundy on the tour that reminded us how enjoyable the character is and got us talking about doing a sequel. The conversation quickly went from why not to let’s definitely do it. You only live once. Plus we know as well as anyone how sequels are usually tired and lame so we vowed not to let it be tired and lame. The trickiest thing will be reassembling that cast. Carrell is now a big star as is Vince and Rudd… Koechner is quite busy and just starred in the first Gary Sanchez Prod movie “The Goods” with Jeremy Piven and James Brolin. We also must have Seth Rogen return as the camera man again. So that’s the toughest part…In the mean time enjoy Burgundy interviewing Tom Brokaw. Coming this week. It’s like seeing a Sasquatch pop out of the woods: frightening, beautiful, and rare.

I also love “After Brunch .” It’s dark, funny and quick. And John Mayer’s video continues to make me laugh. Did everyone see Vulva Perfume ? We couldn’t believe this was a real product. The bald dude with the creepy look had us laughing hard. I also loved Barkley getting Anchorman’d by Ernie Davis. That show is the best. They were talking against Bush before anyone was and it’s a basketball show.

That’s all from me. We’re finishing up Step Brothers and getting ready for the release of Foot Fist Way on May 30th. Check out both trailers as well as Judd’s Pineapple Express trailer here on FOD.

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