By: Adam "Ghost Panther" McKay

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FROM MCKAY: Another Stakeout Becomes a Cult Classic

So a few weeks back I called for the film community to finally acknowledge an all time classic of the American Cinema, Another Stakeout , or as us Stake-heads call it AS 2. This movie, like Straight Time starring Dustin Hoffman and Battle of Algiers has for too long been over looked for it's influence on other film makers (Jim Jarmush, Paul Thomas Anderson, George Clooney etc. etc.). The movie made a decent amount of money but not enough to put it up there with The Third Man and Dial M for Murder as one of the greatest movies ever made about crime and the men who try and stop it.

The good news is that now the tide is turning. The IMDB page for Another Stakeout has been on fire with fans from across the nation. Go look at the message board at the bottom of the page. You might have to register for basic access which is free, don't do the IMDB pro which costs dough. What you will find is passion. Passion for art, life, the creative process and most of all, passion for Another Stakeout .

There's a fan site now as well and recent talk of a screening in LA with Jon Brion playing the score live. Clips now litter You Tube getting thousands of hits. In short, finally people are starting to get it.

So watch Another Stakeout five or six times and experience the experience. And for those old fans that are finally vindicated, thank you for keeping the faith. And for Estevez, Dreyfuss, and Rosie… thanks for the flick.

Also, has everyone seen Baby Fight and the Burgundy/Brokaw interview? If you haven't, do so after watching Another Stakeout…


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