By: Dr. Ken

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I received a letter from a fan who developed multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that is considered terminal. Ray Redick recently underwent a grueling stem cell transplant which has so far produced favorable results and will continue his daily chemo treatments.

As a doctor, I understand what he's going through. What moved me was that he contacted me to say he was a fan and enjoyed watching my comedy. Ray reminded me why I went into comedy. And it's not too different from medicine. Making people feel good about themselves.
I was so privileged to meet him and his lovely wife Deb 2 weeks ago in Seattle during a Kims of Comedy show, and I'm very happy to report he's doing well. We had a great time, and then after the show, we engaged in the best 3-way sex I've ever had (on the road).
I love you, Ray. You're the best.

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