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Want to give a shout out to one of my best friends Steve Byrne. We do the Kims of Comedy tour together, and he's one of the best comics working today. Here's a pic of us on the set of The Goods: The Don Ready Story, perhaps the funniest movie ever made.

Director Neal Brennan (police sketch, above) got annoyed with me because I broke so many times doing a scene with Charlie Napier (pictured, below), I actually panicked that I would never stop laughing, we'd run out of light, and the day would be ruined on account of my geisha-like giggling.

Speaking of giggling geishas, my twin daughters Alexa & Zooey turn 1 this weekend. Here's a pic with their mother.

“I always thought the genius of What's It Gonna Be was the bartender.”- Matt Dwyer, the bartender

Matt was understandably upset that he wasn't a part of my What's It Gonna Be shout out blog. I'd like to take a moment to apologize. Sir Matt (as he prefers to be called) brought a lot to the table. “It's last call, but uh, I'd get out of here now” was delivered perfectly by the Meisner-trained actor. It was Sir Matt who insisted on adding the “uh” pause to provide more dramatic impact. After viewing his video below, I understand why he's so hormonal.
Fav video of the day #1: Matt Dwyer: Male Feminist.

Fav video #2: Charles Barkley Calls Himself a Dumbass, Anchorman Style. Go fuck yourself, San Diego.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to my old boss at the hospital. Still smokin' hot. Thrive!

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