By: Will Ferrell

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Message from Will

So I just wanted to spend some time and say hello to everyone. Believe it or not I've never blogged before so this is a first! “Maybe it should be your last!”, you're probably saying to yourself. But seriously I like to party and I like people who like to party because when you're partying it's like you're on vacation, but you're not. Your at home or at work or in your car. It's fun. Anyway I'm still working on Land of the Lost and having a wonderful time. I'm one of the few actors who likes to cook meals in their trailers. So at least three times a week I host elaborate dinner parties in my trailer. Tonight, after wrap, I'm serving duck. I'm nervous because it's a new recipe and…I don't cook. I usually just jam a lot of uncooked food into the oven, set it on HIGH and walk away. Alot of my fellow cast and crew have gotten very sick from my meals, but production is too afraid to stop me because of what I like to call the “Bigshot Factor”. So everyone keeps showing up and eating my tainted meals, while the movie keeps replacing my trailers after they've burned down. Let me tell you something, you've never battled a fire, until you've battled a grease fire! Nasty.

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