By: Dr. Ken

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timbo, dreams, thanks

My friend Timbo runs a medical forum that's pretty twisted. He's a real doctor with a sick sense of humor, which is why we're best buds. Check out ASK TIMBO.

I had a dream last night that the sky was FOLDING. What the hell does that mean? Dream analysis, anyone?

Thanks for letting me blog to you this week. I had a blast sharing. FOD has become a one-stop site for all my comedy needs. In addition to my fav Ron Burgundy interviews, FOD has introduced me to David Blaine Street Magic (my wife’s favorite), the High Five montages, Human Giant, Tim & Eric, Jon Lajoie, Fred Simmons, Pete & Brian, Cohen/O’Brien, Rob Lathan, and countless others. Want to give my love to Lauren, Amy, Jake, Drew, Seth & the rest of the FOD family. You guys are a classy bunch. Have a Million Dollar Strong Memorial Day weekend!

dr ken

Fav video of the day: Fuck the Pain Away sung by Miss Piggy

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