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May 24/25, 2008 – Joke of the Weekend

This guy is in a bar and spots a beautiful woman. He notices she is crying and decides to make his move. He asks her what ‘s wrong and she responds that her husband left her because she is too kinky. “Are you kidding me? What a terrible reason. I happen to be incredibly kinky and nothing is too crazy for me. ‘ She can ‘t believe her ears and invites him back to her place. After a little kissing, the woman goes into the other room to get into some proper gear. After about ten minutes she comes out if full leather attire with various whips and chains, only to see the guy walking out the door. “Where are you going? I thought you said nothing was too kinky. ‘ “Oh yeah, I just fucked your dog and shit in your purse, I ‘m all set. ‘

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