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Lakers Advance to the NBA Finals; Couple ‘s Sex Life Put On Hold

The Los Angeles Lakers advanced to the NBA Finals on Thursday night, beating the San Antonio Spurs in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.

Los Angeles native and life-long Lakers fan Rodger Peterson, 35, said he plans to devote the next few weeks of his life to rooting for his home team. According to Peterson that means putting everything else on the back burner, including having sex with his wife.

‘When I ‘m not working, I ‘m going to be watching the Lakers,” he said. ‘And when the Lakers aren ‘t on, I ‘m going to be tinkering with my fantasy baseball team. So, there won ‘t be time to do the Funky Chicken with Denise.”

Peterson ‘s wife, Denise, said the couple schedules one sex session a week. She ‘s hoping that, the week after the NBA Finals, they can have sex twice. In the meantime, she ‘ll be watching the games with her husband. ‘

‘I love the Lakers,” she said. ‘I know everything about them. I know the history: Rick Fox played for them when he was married to Vanessa Williams and she ‘s really great on Ugly Betty, Shaq played for them but plays for a different team now and makes cute commercials, and Kobe Bryant is really good at basketball so that girl was probably lying.”

Peterson says even though there ‘s no passion in the bedroom right now, the Lakers have helped him bond with his wife. ‘ ‘The other day I made a real fun joke. I told Denise if the Lakers sweep the Finals, she might be inspired to sweep the kitchen for once,” he laughed. ‘She locked herself in the bathroom for two hours after that, but I still think the joke went over well.”

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