By: Bryan Safi

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What a weekend so far, am I right? I haven't rocked out with my cockout in so long, but this weekend has been balls to the wall.

Last night I saw one of the funniest movies I’ve maybe ever seen, and that’s no ball-oney. The Foot Fist Way is usuallysomething Amy and I do in private, but this movie starring thehonest-to-God amazing Danny McBride as Fred Simmons is worth seeing inpublic again and again.

Thursday night was also Balls-Out Boy. I went to a midnight screeningof Sex and the City, y’all, and I got waaay more into it than isrespectable and was absolutely disgusting about it. “80 costume changesfor Carrie alone, you guys! Six midnight screenings just at thistheatre! Candice Bergin is in this!” All that said, this is waaaay more enjoyable. And, atthis point, the Naked Babies are also a lot hotter.

What’s really been making me go nuts is the anticipation of Will and Adam’s new movie StepBrothers. Finally, we have the Red Band trailer which you can see here .July 25th coudn’t come soon enough.


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